Spice up your houseplant collection with a unique variety of Air plants, Succulents, and Cacti. These exotic plants are not only strikingly different from your more common houseplants, they are all very easy to care for as well. We keep these departments stocked full all year long, so you can always find something unique whether it's winter, spring, summer or fall.
Air Plants
A ir plants are formally known as Tillandsias and also referred to as tropical Epiphytes, meaning they don't need soil to grow. In their native habitat of South America, air plants grow in the trees by anchoring their small roots to the branches. They derive their nutrition from the air, rain water nutrients and decomposing matter (mostly leaves & dead insects) that may be caught among their roots or in their leaves.

Air plants look beautiful in glass containers or mounted to pieces of wood by using staples. You can even attach them to rocks or any other surface by using liquid nails. They prefer bright, indirect light and a mist of rain water or distilled water twice a week. You can even soak air plants in a clean water bath for an hour once a week. Never use chlorinated or softened water.

At Hoen's, we always keep our Air Plant Department fully stocked with multiple small and large varieties for you to choose from, either bare root or already attached to driftwood. We also handcraft unique home decor to house your air plants, from reclaimed wood boxes and wall mounts, to glass terrariums and more.

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S ucculents are a must have for any houseplant collection because they are not only strikingly beautiful but also very easy to care for, and if properly potted, require little maintenance to survive indoors. Succulent plants are known for their thick, juicy leaves because that's where they tend to store water, allowing them to survive in dry climates with litte water.

We carry all the classics like Aloe Vera and Jade, to stunning Echeverias and many more new and unique varieties in different size containers. Shop our collection of custom, handcrafted succulent gardens (a great no-fail gift idea), or stock up on a variety of small potted succulents to create your own. With over a hundred different succulents, you will easily find something you love.

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C acti are native to the Americas and thrive in dry, desert conditions with very little water. Like succulents, cacti are made up of thick, fleshy parts adapted to store water. For cacti, this water storage happens in the stem since they grow spines instead of leaves. Bring a touch of the desert to your midwest home with our ever-growing collection of cactus plants like Prickly Pear, Pincushion, Grafted, Christmas cactus and more.
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